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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia. appointments available now. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." and now at noon, high flames and heavy smoke, chopper three over northeast philadelphia, where fire spread from one home to more. the fire caused some sparks and hit nearby power lines, zero fire officials say the flames brought out 5400 block of hocks objection street, no injuries are reported. >> and good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. also this noon, philadelphia police investigating two separate shootings overnight, one every them was deadly. that shooting happened at fourth and indianna in the city fairhill section. officers say man was found
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shot in the head in his 20's, they returned him to the area hospital, where he later died. investigators are trying to figure out a motive in the case. they're working in the neighborhood, trying to find surveillance video, right now they've not found any. so they are continuing to do a neighborhood canvas to see what they can uncover. >> so far no arrests have been made in the case. mrs. are investigating another shooting this one in the city feltonville section, police say 17 year old girl was hit by a stray bullet, while sitting insides her home on 4900 block of b street. the bullet came through a window, has since released no arrest have been made. bensalem police are asking for the public's help locating a mother accused of leaving her seven month olds baby alone in a hotel room with drugs in plane site. arrest warrant has been issued for this woman, 34 year older did a lopez of philadelphia. police say cleaning staff found her baby lying on the
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floor after roam at the nights nights inn yesterday afternoon , now in the custody of children's services, she faces child endangerment and drug-related offenses. cable tv personality dogs bounty hunter announcing lawsuit against new jersey governor chris christie filed by the family of a man shot and killed in millville this past hunter. the his re nail duane chapman, said he is supporting the family of kristin rogers was allegedly killed by grabbing, arrested days before the alleged murder but released because of new jersey gale reform initiative. says enough is enough. >> so this campaign has to stop. it is killing people. what we need now is people to stands up for your rights, for your lives, for your children, and grandchildren's lives. >> the suspect in that murder, 30 year old jewels black, remains in custody. so far no comment from the
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governor on the lawsuit. a 21 year old woman made her first court appearance this morning, facing first degree murder charges in the death of her mother. police say 54 year old annette house was found stabbed to death in the second floor of her bedroom of her home in perk own and township in july. authority arrested her daughter elena house-hey. she has a preliminary hearing this morning. >> about an hour and a half, a buck contagia will announce verdicts in the colds case murder trial. george shaw raped and nurds heard 14 year old barbara rowan in bensalem, more than 30 years ago. police say shaw drugged and suffocated the teen in august of 1984. they say shaw and a friend dumped her body along a highway. that friends testified in the trial last week. atlantic city rail service between philadelphia and cherry hill will remain suspended due to tracks in camden county. truck slammed into a rail bridge so hard it shifted the track above.
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officials say there is significant damage, repairs will take about two weeks. the bus service is operating in the meantime. >> after some cool weekend temperatures, things are heating back up again. it has been wonderful start to the work week so far. meteorologist, katie fehlinger , joins us live from the cbs-3 skydeck now, with a look at how high these temperatures are going to climb, so what's the news, katie? >> you know, i think already flirting with 90 here this afternoon, jim. but the nice bonus that keeps things still pretty comfortable, even despite the building conditions, when it comes to the heat, is that the humidity is still quite low. dew points stayed low all morning long, you woke up, walked out the door to fall- like atmosphere. but now it feels like summer again. let's take a look at storm scan, which at the moment is devoid of any storms whatsoever, you have nice clear sky, couple of passing clouds, that's all you'll find overhead for the rest of the day. meanwhile temperatures responding to the solar heating in the low or mid 80s, around the region as a whole generally speaking. interestingly, dover actually one of the cooler spot of the pack, typicallyly you ends up
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at the height of the range of thermometer readings. but, with that said, we still have many hours left of the afternoon, so we are going to heat things up from here. practically perfect out there, check off all of the box was no problem. sunshine, warmth, low humidity of course, and nice light breeze. i notice ever so slightly out here and predominantly out of the northwest. now if you are going to the shore this is your week off. boy did you pick a good one generally the sun shining all afternoon today for sure. and the water, starting to creep up on us here, 75 degrees, in the ocean waves , although do keep in mind you need to find a lifeguard to swim near if you are going out into the waves at all the rest of the day. that rip countries social security moderate. and make sure that sun block is handy, is the pf30 or greater please, because it is certainly bright and sunny and that uv index is awfully high this afternoon. meanwhile, phillies of course are back at home. and they'll be taking on the braves in just about a half hour or so from now, as they do, talk about perfect weather for a ballgame here so hitting i59 to hit up south fill hire
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looks like the temperatures are on your side here, mid 80s , sunny skies, again the light winds, low humidity, region wide, guys, i'll let you know how long it last as little later on. >> katie, thank you, see you later in the broadcast. >> general john kim high stepped down as homelands security secretary replaces ryan priebus, correspondent weijia jiang reports on the latest move in a string every white house shake-ups. >> gave john kelly his full vote of confidence moment after he swore in his former head of homelands security as his new chief of staff. >> we look forwards to. >> the star general replace priebus who left try after the target of vulgar tirade by president trump's new communications director anthony scaramucci. >> i predict that general kelly go down in terms of the position of chief of staff,
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one of the great ever. >> after the swearing in, general kelly participated in the president's cabinet meeting. many see kelly's appointment as opportunity to restore order, to a west wing. >> i think the president wants to go a different direction, wants more discipline. >> the president denies there is any turmoil tweeting this morning, highest stock market ever. best economic numbers in years no white house chaos. general kelly's job will be to help get the president's agenda back on track. at the top of the president's list, healthcare. >> the president continues to put pressure on lawmakers, after the gop effort to repeal obama care fell short in the senate. the president tweeted this morning, if obama care is hurting people, and it is, why shouldn't it hurt the insurance company? monday's tweets indication kate one thing that won't change un general kelly, the president's social media habit n washington, weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news."
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in other news this noon, spokesperson for the russian president vladmeere putin says the united states must show it quote political will to mends ties with rush a those remarks come after putin calls the oust of more than 700 people employed in the u.s. embassy and other areas in moscow and three other russian cities. putin's demands are in response to us sanctions against russia. in the wake of north korea latest successful missile test , president trump says the situation, quote, will be handled but he did not elaborate. over the weekends the us flexed its military muscle, along with it stop korean and japanese allies. the us flew two supersonic bombers over the korean peninsula, performed live fire missile test. >> back here at home, now a $5,000 reward for information on the suspect involved in saturday's deadly shooting in half forwards township, police believe that shooting could be connected to another shooting. this shooting happened as the victim's 29 year old john lee
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visit ago friend's apartment friday night. they have surveillance picture of the suspect. talked with one eyewitness, he heard more than dozen gunshot. >> throughout the city, sick of it, and something needs to be done about all of the killings and shootings that's going on. because it affect everyone. >> reporter: the other shoot that authority think the suspect is connected to was an overbrook park, near 77th and sherwood road. investigators say the gunman opened fire on two people sitting in a car, police say he missed them, and got away in a gray volvo. >> federal aviation administration investigating after a drone was spotted as a jetliner approached newark liberty airport. say the drone was seen about 850 feet in the air yesterday. and the crew of a united airlines flight from weather lands reported near miss. air traffic control alerted dollars the flight crew, and the crew kept an eye on the drone, and safely landed that jetliner. well, coming up on " eyewitness news" this at noon , caught on camera, new jersey governor chris christie gets in the face of the heckler during a baseball game
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in milwaukee. what the man said that set the governor off. >> a lot of people talking about that one today. >> also, too close for comfort taking pictures every this unexpected visitor from the people of their front door. hear what the wide eyewitnesses are now saying next. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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>> well, new jersey governor chris christie had another bad day at a ballpark. after confront ago fan, who heckled him. >> a man who was with the fan
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also happens to be a reporter so you know what he it, he recovered dollars the whole thing, and hutchinson has the store ann video from yesterday 's milwaukee brewers chicago cubs game. >> that's the very end of a confrontation between cubs fan , brad joseph, and new jersey governor, chris christie. joseph says it started like this. >> when the issue was going up the stairs, i yesterday his name. he was already quite a bit past me and probably 30 feet away. i yelled his name. and i told him that he sucked. >> when governor christie came back, joseph says he called him another name. >> i called him a hipocrit, because i thought, you know, it needed to be same and he then turned around, walked all the way back toward me. and got up in my face for what seemed like a long time, it was probably only about 30 seconds or a minute. it was like kind of kneeing me with his knee, very clear making contact like oh, you want to do something, you want to start something here?
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>> appreciate that. >> joseph admit he's not a chris christie fan. he said others in the crowd had been heckling the new jersey governor, too. >> our main -- i remained calm , said i was trying to watch the game, which i understanded he was trying to the same thing. at the same time he is a public official, this is america. and i think we have the right to say what you believe as long as it is not, you know, crude, or profane. >> well, that was ben hutchinson reporting, this end count is her not the first time they've booed the governor. you may remember he was jeered after catching a foul ball during a met game just a few weeks ago. >> hard to forget. so far no comment from governor christie's offers, christie's son by the way works for the brewers. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news," helping sleeping bears lie. >> what a florida man did when he saw this giant animal there is one right here, there he is , sleeping on his doorstep. meisha? >> well, we all have unique gifts and skill sets, and whether we put them to good use, a lot of good can come
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from them. in tonight's love it, how to better use his photography skills. now it is making waves. that story is coming up. katie? >> meisha, we look ahead already, even on a monday to the upcoming moment, test expect that we'll see rounds of showers, thunderstorms, so i do not anticipate a repeat performance whatever we just had with all of the soaking rain. by sunday, though, the sun should come back, it will be a little on the cooler side compared to what we face in the meantime. your full forecast
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>> welcome back, recent bear siting in bucks count ann south jersey frightening enough, be those site was not as close as there one in
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florida. homeowner in longwood florida near orlando found this massive black bear asleep on his front porch. he said he thinks the big fellow was getting out of the rain you. >> can't blame him. >> look at that. sleeps just like i do. >> great. >> so interesting the weekends was sort of -- friday very humid. run was so hard, saturday, sunday, so much better. >> you know she's running in a marathon? >> hadn't heard that. >> well it is true, any time nice dry air mass, just makes everybody more comfortable. >> tensions don't rise as easily when the humidity is lower. >> sitting in the hammock in the numerous i had at this, breeze, doesn't make a matter to me, i'm not in a marathon, so i could careless about all of that stuff. >> regardless we're all comfortable today, whether out hitting the streaks, with your sneakers or just walking home. all right. >> real nice summer weather out there, with the low
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humidity, really just making this afternoon so, so darn comfortable for us, we start things off by talking statistics, out to the graphic , we do have temperatures at this point pretty much at their peak, for not just the season but for the entire year, of course in the summer, just when you start to see the hottest air of the entire year, and our expected high today hits 89 degrees, average high still 87. that's the highest average of the entire year. of course you can go higher than what's average certainly since just adding all of the numbers up and dividing but regardless, this is still the warmest point. now by the time we hit the ends every august, obviously starting to lose some degrees here, come the ends of september, at best only the upper 70s on average, now looking at storm scan, we showed this earlier in the show, all calm, all collected, all courtesy of high pressure, notice what happens in the next few days, rain chances begin to gradually creep up on us. so, still talking only 20% chance of rain wednesday and thursday. but, again, it is getting a little bit more moist in the
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atmosphere, we do have frontal boundery approaching at that point. let's also talk traffic. because a lot has taken place, since maybe you last checked here. early this morning, we still only had 40% chance of potential development. it has since become tropical depression number six, eventually became tropical storm emily, now that storm is crossing the sunshine state, bringing very little sunshine it, will very likely weaken down to depression, but then regain tropical storm strength here is the good news, though, granted florida getting hit hard, very heavy rain. but i don't expect this will be a direct impact on the rest of the east coast. stowe could turn up the surf at the shore points here, little later on this week. in the meantime, atlantic city ended up with new records or tying the olds one back from 71 when you bottomed out at 64 e july not that it never happened but little unheard of certainly heated up since then , look at the umbrellas lining rehoboth beach. beautiful beach day just again latter on the sun glock no
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matter where your travels take you here, if outside for any extended periods every time but do it anyway just as general rule. current dew points quite low, upper 50's across good portion of the region. lower the dew point gets, the drier the air. that's when temperatures are not as flared, not so darn un comfortable outside. looking forward in the seven day, temperatures certainly goes up. peak with the heat thursday specifically with some sun, some clouds, but again, might see shower as early as tomorrow really off to the north with the chances increasing little bit, bit by bit, with every passing day. >> all right, katie, thank you >> your very welcome. >> we all had have things we enjoy doing, our hob us. >> and it is special when they share them with others, as meisha johnson shows just today's love it. meisha? >> when we're using l the talent and ability we've been given, seemingly out move where, we find inspiration from the work we do, sometimes inspiration comes from very own community. in today's love it looking at one of those stories. last year photographer and pastor, jason williamson from
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south carolina started testing out 100 disposable cameras in up-state. more than 800 photos were taken. and now, those photos are on display at the chat man cultural center in spartan burying, south carolina. twenty finalist haves been selected, and the public can go in and vote on their favorite pictures. all by donating spare change. >> there is over 600 people that are homeless or living on the street or affected by homelessness in some way in spartan burying. so a wide variety of people that we have access to. we've seen tears. we've seen people laugh. we've seen people really confront something they didn't know was a big of a deal as it really is in our town. >> for williamson, it is about far more than helping the photographers. it is about raising awareness of poverty issues plaguing both parts of south carolina, as well as other parts of the united states. >> the gallery is open to view
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the photographs through the end of august, and williamson says, he's currently in the process of putting together a book. project called through our eyes. also, to benefit the homeless. >> isn't that nice? i think that's so awesome. to think like the van vantage point of homeless, handed all of the cameras, photographs that they'll be able to have. >> to look through the worlds of a different set of ice. >> you bet it does. >> always great to see leaders in the community doing their part to help the less fortunate. and sometimes that's just about spreading awareness. what a great idea. as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. way to go, jason. >> all right, meisha, thank you. >> your welcome. >> up next, bringing new meaning to the term hangry: group of propellers had a dinner date in the air. just ahead, the reason for the grill station that
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>> a group of brazilians took this to dzhokhar g height. >> barbeque in the air. look at this. more than 100 people enjoyed dinner with a view, attempt to set a new world record for the largest number of people seated at a suspended dinner table. no word yet on guiness whether they officially broke the records, but i'm sure a good time nonetheless. >> who comes one these ideas? >> exactly what i was going to say. >> well that's "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> for meisha, katie, all of us here, thank for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at always on line at
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>> cane: having you in my arms means everything to me, baby. and to hear you talk optimistically about the kids coming around... and you're still behind me. that's all i need. [ sighs ] >> lily: look, i can't pretend that i'm not hurt. but i also can't just walk away from our family. >> cane: i know. >> lily: i think maybe the twins can learn something about forgiveness, that it's possible. even when it seems like someone has done something that's unforgivable. as long as i know the worst is behind us, then i can believe that, too. >> cane: well, you can believe it, 'cause it is.


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